Give Kids Their World Initiative


To help kids have a comfortable educational process, the Give Kids Their World Initiative was created. Almost all young children find attending school quite difficult when they lack the necessary resources. Despite the fact that you cannot change the entire world when you try, we contend that you can change the future by influencing one child at a time.

There are many countries in the world, Ghana, for example, in which children are highly motivated to get an education despite the fact that they do not have school uniforms, shoes, or even books and sometimes no building in which to study.

Passion and a thirst for knowledge like this are rare. By not nurturing this passion, we have evidently given ourselves a glimpse of what the future may hold.

We don't want that kind of future if we want our world to survive. Our world needs more educated people, but more importantly, we need to feed those with a hunger for it, to create entrepreneurs, scientists & inventors.

Kelvin, an 18-year-old inventor who built his own car out of scrap materials and has been making vacuum cleaners, airplanes, and more, is an example of an inventor I believe could change the world. Kelvin is a self-taught genius who is poor but makes beauty out of garbage.

As a result of his passion for inventing despite the lack of education, he will leave a lasting footprint on this planet if he acquires funding and more education from capable hands. When you help a kid like Kelvin, not only do you improve his life and his career, but you help change our world for the better as well. This begins with one t-shirt purchase or a donation and together we change each child's life to impact the world.

 www.tribeclothin.comElon Musk (africa)

By: Louis Boakye


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